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Trophy Import into Russia

Trophy Rus Consult provides trophy import services in Russia since 2002. And we know how it works. Import procedures for hunting trophies in Russia are different than those in EU and USA - so the shipper is required to carefully follow our instructions.

Important notes on trophy import into Russia:

  • We deliver trophies into Russia only by air freight;
  • Airport of destination shall be imperatively Moscow Domodedovo (DME) airport, DCT terminal;
  • Most airlines do not accept cargoes to Russia on a charges collect basis, so all shipments shall proceed "freight prepaid" only (otherwise Trophy Rus Consult does not accept responsibility to wheedle the funds out of the clients) ;

The current Russian Veterinary Regulations require receiving the Federal Veterinary Authorization - it is granted by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture individually to each hunter willing to import hunting trophies into Russia. Receiving such Veterinary Authorization involves a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic procedures. It requires normally 3-4 weeks and shall be issued prior to trophies arrival to Russia.

Documents required for Veterinary Authorization:

1) Copies of all import and export CITES permits:
For CITES Appendix II species - we will only need copies of export CITES Permits from the country of export. For CITES Appendix I species - we will need copies of export CITES Permits from the country of export, which will enable us to receive the corresponding Russian import CITES Permits. If the exporting country can not issue export CITES without Russian import CITES - we will require Pre-CITES (Confirmation Letter) from your CITES Authorities (see examples: from Namibia, RSA, Zambia and Zimbabwe), which will enable us to receive the Russian import CITES Permit.
The originals of all export CITES Permits shall be attached to the shipping documents and arrive to DME together with the trophies.

2) Copy of the Russian-English Veterinary Certificate:
The Russian-English Veterinary Form may be filled in by hand. It shall be signed and stamped by the official veterinary authorities. It shall contain the detailed list of trophies showing all parts of trophies and their quantity. Example how to fill in the Certificate is here.
The original Vet Certificate shall be attached to the shipping documents and arrive to DME together with the trophies.

3) Copy of Tax Invoice (Customs Invoice):
Customs invoice shall show the value of the trophies for customs purposes. The Customs Invoice: i) shall be printed on a company blank, ii) shall contain the word "Invoice", "Tax Invoice" or "Customs Invoice", iii) shall list all trophies and all their parts (example: buffalo - skull with horns/cape/backskin/2 x feet/tail), iv) the value shall be indicated in USD or EUR.
The original Tax Invoice shall be attached to the shipping docs and shall accompany the trophies up to DME.

Generally the import procedure includes the following steps:

Step I
Step II
Step III
Step IV
We shall receive the copies of the above documents (as per items 1-3) from the shipper via e-mail or fax We use these documents to apply for the Federal Veterinary Authorization (needs 3-4 weeks) Once we receive the Veterinary Authorization - we give our OK and trophies are shipped to DME airport Upon arrival the trophies are customs cleared and delivered to the client or to the appointed taxidermist