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Trophy Rus Consult

We Deliver Hunting Trophies Worldwide

Trophy Rus Consult is a Moscow-based freight forwarding company with more than 10-year experience in transporting hunting trophies. Our services include:

      Import and Export Operations
      Trophy Conservation and Preparation
      Packaging and Warehousing
      Import and Export CITES Permits
      International Veterinary Documentation

Import of Hunting Trophies into Russia

Every year more and more Russian hunters go to the best hunting locations in the world to bag their desired trophies. Every month the veterinary and customs regulations for hunting trophies in Russia become increasingly stringent and complex. Every day scores of outfitters, taxidermists, and trophy freight forwarders face major problems importing hunting trophies into Russia.

Trophy Rus Consult's mission is to make trophy importation smooth and easy for all parties involved.

We have been providing superior service to sportsman for the last 10 years. We have formed relationships with relevant authorities and developed an efficient importing operation, ensuring timely delivery for your most prized trophies at a reasonable price.

Export of Hunting Trophies from Russia

Trophy hunts in Russia are extremely popular among hunters from all over the world. Hundreds of Kamchatka Brown Bears, Giant Moose, and other trophies are taken every season.

But getting a trophy from the hunt to the trophy room takes time. Not only does a trophy require careful preparation and conservation, but it often requires various legal documentation, permits and must meet all applicable customs requirements, i.e. a CITES Permit, International Veterinary Documentation, etc. Should any of the necessary paperwork be submitted incompletely or incorrectly, a hunter may be forced to wait years for his trophy. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

That is why most of the major Russian hunting agencies, outfitters, and taxidermists trust Trophy Rus Consult, to ensure that trophies receive the utmost care and that they are delivered on time and in perfect condition.